The 2014 Workshops

Since its inception, what makes for the uniqueness of Île Courts are the workshops it holds. The Festival hence becomes a small and short-lived film school, a place of apprenticeship, creation and research for young directors, actors, technicians or film producers.

This year, 4 workshops are geared towards young professionals.
They cover the three main areas of filmmaking:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Direction
  • Sound techniques

The selection of participants was made shortly before the Festival, following a Call for Applications published in June 2014. The young professionals who take part in the Festival’s workshops have been selected on the criteria of their projects, their productions and their motivation.

In addition, the Festival is hosting 2 programming workshops for teenagers, put together in collaboation with the students of the Audiovisual Stream of the Lycée des Mascareignes.

These workshops are being organised with the support of their host sites in Port Louis, the Lambic and the Publico.

38.lambic 39.publico

The 2014 Profesional Workshops

Writing Unit

Film Fabrik . Write Me A Short.

The scriptwriting workshop for short films is the historical workshop of the Iïe Courts Festival. Under the guidance of the French scriptwriter and director Renaud Cohen, three writer-directors selected during an initial call for projects will work intensively on their fiction projects. This residence is the first stage of the programme FILM FABRIK.

This workshop is being organised with the support of the French Cultural Institute of Mauritius.

Writing Unit

FILM FABRIK. Draw Me A Short

It’s been a long time since the Festival has last hosted an animation workshop. Under the guidance of the director Madi Piller, five writer/animators selected during an initial call for projects will work intensively on their fiction project. This residence is the first stage of the programme FILM FABRIK.

This workshop is being organised in collaboration with TAIS (Toronto Animated Image Society) and with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Direction Unit

Director’s Cut

How to develop one’s own style? How to learn to trust one’s instinct? How to give directions to actors? All these questions will be explored in theory but also in practice under the guidance of the young independent director from New York, Shiva Bajpai.

Programme >

  • Creating a storyboard

  • Writing a Synopsis

  • Staging

  • Shooting techniques

  • Working with actors

  • Film analysis

  • Direction tips

  • Editing procedures

With the support of the US Embassy in Mauritius.

Technical Unit

Short Of Sound

Lend us your ear… This year, we pay attention to sound!

Programme >

  • Listening skills
  • Available means for reportage, from the documentary to the fiction film
  • Metadata and the management of Time Code Free Run
  • Elemental aspects of acoustics
  • Exercices in audio recording
  • The sociological approach of the documentary film as used in audio recording
  • The semi-structured interview, in practice
  • From audio slicing to post-production
  • Monitoring technological developments
  • Holistic practice
  • All week: viewings and listening skills


FILM FABRIK – Film Fabrik is a programme aimed at supporting the writing and production of short Mauritian films. un Put into place by the association Porteurs d’Images, this programme offers to writers/directors the technical, financial and logistical means to make their film (writing, production, screening and distribution).

FILM FABRIK unfolds itself in 2 stages of selection:

  • PHASE 1 : Writing residence > Selection by application file.
  • PHASE 2 : Production > At the end of the workshop, the participants have a pitch session. Only the most complete projects will undergo production.

The 2014 Youth Workshops

Paying special care to the cinematic education of all Mauritian children and teenagers, l’Association Porteurs d’Images, in collaboration with the NGO Safire et the Lycée des Mascareignes, proposes to us two Programming Workshops intended for a young public.

I am a film programmer!

vincent-kaluzaUnder the direction of Vincent Kaluza, the teenagers of the NGO Safire and of the Audiovisual Stream of the Lycée des Mascareignes will be given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with programmation. Comment is a film programme set up? Why do we like a film? What film to produce for what public? How to amaze your audience? The teenagers will discuss together to set up a programme of short films which could be presented to the public during the Festival’s screenings.

Regional Centre for Arts Education
Arts education and training (in the cinema and audiovisual field) in Auvergne.

Sauve qui peut le court métrage has been chosen as a regional arts education centre by the National Center of Cinematography and the moving image (CNC) to identify the needs of those working directly in the field as well as to cultivate the cinematic arts in the region of Auvergne by strengthening the links between the people, resources, local structures and film professionals.

In collaboration with Sauve qui Peut le Court Métrage, Lycée des Mascareignes and the NGO Safire.

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