The Film Bazar Forum

The Film Bazar Forum

1st edition

Wednesday 8 October 2014 : 13:00-17:00
Thursday 9 October 2014 : 13:00-17:00
Friday 10 October 2014 : 11:00-17:00

Free entry
Limited number of seats
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Meeting and sharing the cinematographic resources of the Indian Ocean has been, since the beginnings of Île Courts Festival, an avenue which we keep exploring over and over again. A place where can converge the region’s cinemas, the Festival has been developing itself since 2007 around training workshops and screenings that bring to light a multitude of stories from our islands, themes that resonate with each other, young and dynamic creativity liberating itself from all the practical difficulties of film production to offer unique perspectives on our societies.

Always a place of meetings, Île Courts wants this year – and in all the coming ones – to dig deeper into the issue of the development of an Indianoceanist cinema that is the mirror of our shared identity and reality. This is how the idea of the Film Bazar Forum was born. “Bazar” because it opens its doors to everyone: amateurs, the merely curious, professionals who want to add their thoughts to the collective reflection around this large question of how to define Indianoceanism through the lens of cinema.

We have also wanted to present to you a programme centred around real issues, case studies but also an objective look at what we can today call Indian Ocean cinemas. Beyond the roundtables and formal discussions, we hope that the Forum will also be a place of informal sharing, full of warmth and friendliness shared around a cup of coffee or a meal between the cinematic worlds of our islands, between the viewers, the producers, and the future producers.

As FBF considers itself to have an essentially plural identity, it will thus be an itinerant festival. The second edition, in 2015, will take place on Reunion Island and the third, en 2016, in Comores.

David Constantin

Association Porteurs d’Images

Co-organised with our partner festivals et associates of the FIFAI/CIFF and RFC regions.>
In collaboration with the MFDC, the IOC (Indian Ocean Commission), the Malcolm de Chazal Foundation, the Café du Vieux Conseil and the Photography Museum of Port Louis.

Le Programme

Forum Film Bazar : Day 1
Wednesday 8 October 2014

Forum Film Bazar : Day 2
Thursday 9 October 2014

Forum Film Bazar : Day 3
Friday 10 Octobre 2014

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