Lekran Miray


Porlwi by light

Cinematographic Installation.

On the occasion of PORLWI by Light, Porteurs d’Images association is offering to transform part of the outer wall of the Photography Museum into a public screen on which to project more than 20 short Mauritian films, all under the banner of a Festival with Lekran Miray.

Between the walls…
of a house, a family, a society.

In these closed spaces where
intimate lives unveil themselves,
dreams are painted
and memory writes itself down.
It is also here that murmur things
of the greatest tenderness
and erupt all that is violent.

When the city’s facades become screens,
film-stories bloom out one by one
from the walls of the Photography Museum
to narrate themselves,
tug at your heartstrings,
carry you away…

To the rhythm of your nightly meanderings,
let yourself, even if for a fleeting moment,
be captivated by one of these stories,
one of these intimate gazes, testimony
of this world we call ours.



Baraz . Bisanvil . Boutik . Ca Fourmille dans ma tête . Gangway . Glissé, Tombé . Home, Away . It’s Not a Joke . Kaso . L’Alliance . L’Esprit voyageur . Le Renard, l’Ours et la Souris . Le Rosier . Le Tableau vivant . Made in Mauritius . Wall Street Legim . Papan Kulta . Phone Connection . Rod Zegwi dan Pikan . Ruz . Shanti


Azim Moollan . Charlotte Nina . Damien Dittberner . David Constantin . Gaston Valayden . Gopalen P Chellapermal . Jawid Kadir . Joelle Ducray . Jon Rabaud . Katty Laguette . Krishna Luchoomun . Mikhael Botebol . Ritvik Neerbun . Sarah Hoarau . Stéphane Bellerose . Sophie Robert . Wassim Sookia

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.