2009 Collection

Ansam / Ensemble

A collection of short movies from Mauritius.
Since 2007, the Centre Culturel Charles Baudelaire and the association Porteurs d’Images organise Île Courts, the International Short Film Festival of Mauritius. With the 2008 edition, a script writing workshop intended for Mauritian authors and directors, has taken place, and was ran by the script writers Olivier Gorce and Sabrina Compeyron. These working sessions have led to the realisation of five short movies around as same theme: Together.
We present here the result of this work, hoping that this will be the first edition of a long series of Mauritian films.

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RUZ (Red)
Gopalen Parthiben Chellapermal
Mauritius / 2009 / Fiction / 6’
Languages: Mauritian Creole, subtitled in French and English
A family of different cultural and religious backgrounds gathers for a lunch. When the young Shaad shows up all painted in red, he brings about discussions about the reality of living in a melting pot.
Barack, Sydney, Mia et Joe le plombier (Barack, Sydney, Mia and Joe the plumber)
Dominique Merven
Mauritius / 2009 / Fiction / 9’
Languages: Mauritian Creole, subtitled in French and English
5 November 2008. In Mauritius, two dancers work in a room, facing a big mirror. The man follows closely the results of the American elections, broadcasted live on a TV in the hall. A strange ballet takes place…
Paul & Virginie 25.09.09
Utam Ramchurn
Mauritius / 2009 / Fiction / 10’
Languages: Mauritian Creole, subtitled in French and English
One afternoon in Curepipe, the story of Paul and Virginie takes place again.
Le Renard, l’Ours et la Souris (The fox, the bear and the mouse)
Stéphane Bellerose
Mauritius / 2009 / Fiction / 8’
Languages: Mauritian Creole, subtitled in French and English
An employee of the Central Water Authority enters in a woman’s garden to read the meter. While he goes to slip the bill under the door, he discovers a huge ripe mango hanging from a tree. As the owner is away, he cannot resist the temptation to steal the fruit. Meanwhile, a tall postman arrives on his bicycle. Will they team up well together?
Made in Mauritius
David Constantin
Mauritius / 2009 / Fiction / 7’
Languages: Mauritian Creole, subtitled in French and English
In a small village in Mauritius, Bissoon, a retired farmer, has a problem: this morning, for the first time in 20 years, his old radio set’s fuse has blown. In his little shop on the outskirts of the village, Ah-Yan, the shopkeeper, only believes in one thing: globalisation. Bissoon comes to him to buy a new fuse…

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