In 2013, Film.Box. presents 19 Mauritian short films distributed by Porteurs d’Images. A selection of short films through 2 thematic programmes, So different! and Colors of Mauritius, to encounter the diversity of Mauritian production from 2003 to 2013 on 2 DVD.

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At a crossroad between different worlds, Mauritius was populated by successive waves of migration from Africa, Asia and Europe. Of course, this melting pot does not go without bundle of thundering misunderstandings and astounding reinventions of togetherness. Since our differences are our greatest resource, So Different! offers a journey toward new encounters.

Le Tableau vivant, La Naissance des couleurs
Katty Laguette
Mauritius / 2010 / Animation / 2′
Emotion through colours…
Gaston Valayden
Mauritius / 2010 / Fiction / 7’
Two neighbours decide to use the fence between their houses to show their different political and religious belongings. But a hurricane brings them together.

Gopalen Parthiben Chellapermal
Mauritius / 2009 / Fiction / 6′
A family of different cultural and religious backgrounds gathers for a lunch. When the young Shaad shows up all painted in red, he brings about discussions about the reality of living in a melting pot.

The ring
Mikhaël Botebol
Mauritius / 2012 / Fiction / 10′
Jean works on the assembly line of a factory. Old and tired as his machine, after more than thirty years of hard work, he is downtrodden by Fred, the production manager, who takes advantage of his power to abuse Lise. But the young maid and the old worker do not intend to be messed around endlessly.

Stéphane Rock
Mauritius / 2010 / Fiction / 7’
A young rasta, divorced, has to find a job, otherwise he will not be able to see his daughter. He goes to a job interview.

A moment at La Chaumière
Jérôme Valin
Mauritius / Documentary / 2010 / 3’
Taking a look at La Chaumière, a small rural area at the edge of the city, where people live to the rhythm of vegetable plantation farms.
The Fox, the Bear and the Mouse Stéphane Bellerose
Mauritius / 2009 / Fiction / 8’
An employee of the Central Water Authority enters in a woman’s garden to read the meter. While he goes to slip the bill under the door, he discovers a huge ripe mango hanging from a tree. As the owner is away, he cannot resist the temptation to steal the fruit. Meanwhile, a tall postman arrives on his bicycle. Will they team up well together?
Papan Kulta (Father’s sweetheart) Krishna Luchoomun
Mauritius / 2011 / Fiction / 10’
Now that he lives in Mauritius with his new family, a father feels remorse for having left a daughter in Finland, 17 years ago. The birth of his son makes him become more aware of what his daughter has been deprived of all these years. Will she blame him for his absence one day?
Home, Away
Wassim Sookia
Mauritius / 2011 / Fiction / 17’
Alex is a huge Manchester United fan who’s preparing for a Manchester versus Liverpool game. He has a satellite dish installed to be able to watch the game on TV. His young neighbor Kenny is a Liverpool fan who also hopes he’ll be able to watch the game. Yet Alex rejects his request.
Made in Mauritius
David Constantin
Mauritius / 2009 / Fiction / 7’
In a small village in Mauritius, Bissoon, a retired farmer, has a problem: this morning, for the first time in 20 years, his old radio set’s fuse has blown. In his little shop on the outskirts of the village, Ah-Yan, the shopkeeper, only believes in one thing: globalisation. Bissoon comes to him to buy a new fuse…


Far away from the clichés of a postcard, Colours of Mauritius offers an immersion at the heart of a complex and fascinating multicultural country. From the market of Port Louis, the capital city, to the village of Black River, there is a whole world that comes to life before our eyes.

Wall Street Legim
Joëlle Ducray, Charlotte Nina, Jawid Kadir
Mauritius / 2010 / Documentary / 7’
Discovering the vegetables market in Port Louis, which supplies the whole island.
Perfect Day
Jérôme Valin
Mauritius / 2011 / Fiction / 12’
A dirty homeless woman, stinking and dripping with sweat, is trying to find something to eat but only faces disgusted looks or insults. During her exploration, she finds a baby screaming in hunger and fury in a dustbin.
5. Gangway
Gopalen Parthiben Chellapermal
Mauritius / 2010 / Documentary / 7’
Through a photograph, the son of a docker tells us about his father’s job and the activities of the harbour, just before the introduction of bulk goods.
5. lespritvoyageur
L’Esprit Voyageur
Katty Laguette
Mauritius / 2011 / Animation / 2’
In front of a white canvas, the character’s head is empty. Suddenly, he feels the urge to escape. His spirit starts travelling in a glint! Colors become alive in a brushstroke. A colourful universe expands. And the magic of colors disrupts the white canvas.
Ritvik Neerbun
Mauritius / 2011 / Fiction / 9’
In a Mauritian prison, in the early seventies, a man sentenced to death is waiting for his sentence. One morning, the prison officer comes to announce his execution the next morning at dawn. Kalot gets lost in his memories…
David Constantin
Mauritius / 2003 / Fiction / 16’
Colas is a Mauritian fisherman. But his true passion is to read his dictionary – to the great displeasure of his wife, Elise, who complains about her husband’s laziness. One day Colas finds out that Elise has pulled out the pages of his dictionary in order to wrap the doughnuts she sells. He is ready for anything in order to find another dictionary to read.
Glissé Tombé
Joëlle Ducray
Mauritius / 2010 / Fiction / 10’
Sheila works at the textile factory outside the village where she lives with her thirteen-year-old daughter Leyna. Whilst Leyna is in the throes of early adolescence and sees her body change, Sheila needs to decide what to do with a new pregnancy as she struggles to offer her daughter a chance of having a better life than hers.
Axelle Tennant
Mauritius / 2011 / Fiction / 7’
Indian Ocean. Mauritius. Black River. La Preneuse road. Titonne’s shop. An advertising is displayed on the metal sheet wall: “international casting, we are looking for a handsome young man”. Thierry immediately feels compelled. And he is not the only one who thinks that he is the right guy, the whole neighbourhood gets into a fever of excitement.
Sarah Hoarau
Maurice, Reunion Island / 2010 / Fiction / 10’
The story of a 45-year-old woman who could not fulfil her dream of becoming a singer, and now works as a hairdresser. Her only comfort is her daughter Nina, who is odious to her mother. Her friend Emma starts telling Nina about her mother’s life.

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