Festival Guests


David Constantin
Director / Mauritius
Speaker . Professional Workshops 2016

David Constantin lives and works in Mauritius. After studying cinematography in France for 5 years, he settled back in Mauritius in 2003. This same year David directed and produced the short film Colas and Diego the Forbidden. Since then, he directed several films (short fiction and documentaries), such as Bisanvil (Audience Award in Amiens), Les Accords de Bella et Made in Mauritius (Fondation Pellegrini Award, Milan). He also co-directed From so Far, a series of 4 documentaries on the various origins of the Mauritian population.

In 2004, David Constantin founded the production company Caméléon Production. He is also the founder of the non-profit organization Porteurs d’Images, that has been co-organizing Île Courts-International Short Film Festival in Mauritius since 2007.

His first feature film, Lonbraz Kann, came out in theaters in 2015.

Chantal Richard
Director / France
Speaker . Professional Workshops 2016

After studies at the IDHEC, Chantal Richard directs as many fiction films as documentaries. Each genre helps enrich the other, and their makings are opportunities for both literal and metaphorical travelling. Her first feature-length work, Lili et le baobab, with Roman Bohringer, took her to Senegal and Cherbourg. Whether it is in faraway countries or the Lower Normandy of her childhood, her camera likes taking its time to scrutinize the world.

She is currently working on the script of a fiction film, Le monde de Pascal, which has for setting the wooded countryside of Normandy, and is preparing a documentary entitled La ville idéale and which will take her to South Korea.

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