School Screenings

Projections de courts métrages à l'École du Nord . 2014

Screening of short films at l’École du Nord . 2014

Throughout the year, Porteurs d’Images collaborates with its partner establishments and NGOs to organize short film screenings in schools and other locations.

Given this framework, the association has very specific film programs, adapted to different (technical, thematical) needs, for screenings on the big screen for youth audiences.

Porteurs d’Images also :

  • coordonates plans for film professionals to interact directly with young people, whether it is to present films or host programming/curation, direction, technical workshops.
  • allows budding filmmakers to grow wings by helping them in the production of their films as well as inviting them to participate in the activities of the Île Courts- International Short Film Festival of Mauritius.

If you wish to organize a screening of short films or a workshop in your school or for the kids you work with, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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