Focus Jeunes

Île Courts 2014 - Projection Enfants © Burty Makoona

Île Courts Festival 2014 . “Culottes Courtes” screening for children.

The first cultural exposure children have is to visual images: cinema, photo, TV, videogames, the Internet, etc. So, it is important to give them the theoretical and practical tools to understand the complex language of visual culture, whose codes and techniques are ever-evolving.

Education in the visual image – through the viewing of films, through analysis and debates, through the study of cinematographic techniques and the making of short films – allows young people to become familiar with the handling of images, with questioning their perspectives and that of others, and with thinking creatively and critically about media and other visual aspects of their everyday lives.

In the framework of its project The Archipelago of Cinemas, Porteurs d’Images association is setting in place, in 2015 and 2016, the program of education in the visual image FOCUS JEUNES, comprising of:

★ a three-part training program for teachers of education in the visual image

★ workshops and screenings of short films within schools and partner NGOs.

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