Sinema Koltar of Grand Gaube

Sinema Koltar

Lekran Kreol

With sinema koltar, let’s unfolds the screen right under the stars. In lineup, Porteurs d’Images presents a selection of short films in Kreol language, on the occasion of Festival Internasional Kreol Moris 2015. All together at sinema koltar, we will enjoy stories touching our souls and revealing our imagination. Aswar, tann lekran koz kreol !

Bis la Pase
Julian Ratinon
Mauritius / 2015 / Fiction / 4′
French, subtitled in English

The Creole expression “bis la pase” means that the time has arrived to embark on one’s very last journey.
Colas, Le Dictionnaire
David Constantin
Mauritius / 2003 / Fiction / 13′
Mauritian Creole, subtitled in French
Colas is a fisherman in Mauritius. But his true passion is to read his dictionary – to the great displeasure of his wife, Élise, who complains about her husband’s laziness. One day, Colas finds out that Élise has pulled out the pages of his dictionary in order to wrap the doughnuts she sells. He is ready for anything in order to find another dictionary to read.
Phone Connection
Sophie Robert
Mauritius / 2015 / Fiction / 4′
Mauritian Creole, subtitled in French
Today, Neha and Hanuman both celebrate their birthdays. But they cannot get along because of some communication problems.
Gaston Valayden
Mauritius / 2010 / Fiction / 7′
Mauritian Creole, subtitled in French

Two neighbours decide to use the fence between their houses to show their different political and religious belongings. But a hurricane brings them together.
Damien Dittberner
Mauritius / 2015 / Fiction / 15′
Mauritian Creole, subtitled in French
Gaëtan has lost the toy solider with which he had been playing. While he’s figuring out how to replace it, it doesn’t take him long to realize that the adults around will be of no help. So, Gaëtan decides to play their own game by their own rules…
Annicka Spangenberg
Mauritius / 2015 / Experimental / 3′
English, subtitled in French
Experimental contemplation about the senses, in an appeal to the imagination.
Sarah Hoarau
Mauritius Réunion Island / 2010 / Fiction / 10′
Mauritian Creole, subtitled in French
The story of a 45-year-old woman who could not fulfil her dream of becoming a singer, and now works as a hairdresser. Her only comfort is her daughter Nina, who is odious to her mother. Her friend Emma starts telling Nina about her mother’s life.
Wassim Sookia
Mauritius / 2014 / Fiction / 26′
Mauritian Creole, subtitled in French
Kevin is nine years old and a goalkeeper. He is a fan of the famous keeper Dev Gopala and owns only worn-out oven mitts as gloves. His neighbour and coach gives him woollen gloves as gifts, and Kevin soon attains perfect mastery over their use. But he subsequently loses the new gloves in a most unfortunate manner.
The Encounter
Jon Rabaud
Mauritius / 2012 / Fiction / 17′
Mauritian Creole, subtitled in French
Dim, a 17 years old teenager, became introverted since he lost his father. One day, influenced by his friend Alex, he runs away from school to go to a river. Willing to help his friend to find distraction and escape from a strict mother, Alex hopes that Dim will leave all his torments behind him. But sometimes the road to hell is paved with good intentions…
Rod Zegwi Dan Pikan
Azim Moollan
Mauritius / 2015 / Experimental / 5′
Mauritian Creole, subtitled in English
A moment suspended, in mid-air, in Melissa’s memories of tightrope-walking…

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