2011 Collection

Six films, six points of view, six different worlds.
The third DVD from the Île Courts collection features the work of eight young Mauritian film makers who have participated, in October 2010, to the Écrire court (script writing) and Notre histoire n’a pas d’images (documentary) workshops.
Île Courts carries on the training work in writing and film making started in 2007. By doing so, we want to support the emergence of new talents and the development of an independant cinema, peculiar to our island, and to allow these films to travel beyond our coasts towards other audiences.

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Perfect Day Jérôme Valin Mauritius / 2011 / Fiction / 12’  
A dirty homeless woman, stinking and dripping with sweat, is trying to find something to eat but only faces disgusted looks or insults. During her exploration, she finds a baby screaming in hunger and fury in a dustbin
Le Choix d’une vie (A life’s choice) Ravi Sembhoo Mauritius / 2011 / Fiction / 13’
Maya is a young college director. A 16-year-old pupil’s pregnancy makes her feel uncomfortable. What about her own desire for a child?
Johni Axelle Tennant Mauritius / 2011 / Fiction / 7’ 
Indian Ocean. Mauritius. Black River. La Preneuse road. Titonne’s shop. An advertising is displayed on the metal sheet wall: “international casting, we are looking for a handsome young man”. Thierry immediately feels compelled. And he is not the only one who thinks that he is the right guy, the whole neighbourood gets into a fever of excitement.
Kaso (Prison) Ritvik Neerbun Mauritius / 2011 / Fiction / 9’ 
In a Mauritian prison, in the early seventies, a man sentenced to death is waiting for his sentence. One morning, the prison officer comes to announce his execution the next morning at dawn. Kalot gets lost in his memories…
Papan Kulta (Father’s sweetheart) Krishna Luchoomun Mauritius / 2011 / Fiction / 10’ 
Now that he lives in Mauritius with his new family, a father feels remorse for having left a daughter in Finland, 17 years ago. The birth of his son makes him become more aware of what his daughter has been deprived of all these years. Will she blame him for his absence one day?
Screened as part of the “Regards d’Afrique” programme at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in 2012
Wall Street Légim (Vegetables’ Wall Street) Joëlle Ducray, Charlotte Nina, Jawid Kadir Mauritius / 2010 / Documentary / 7’
Discovering the vegetables market in Port Louis, which supplies the whole island.
Screened as part of the “Regards d’Afrique” programme at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in 2011

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