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Workshop Ile Courts 2018

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As part of the 11 th edition of Ile Courts – The Mauritius International Short Film Festival, which will take place between the 9th and 13th October 2018, the Association Porteurs d’Images is launching a Call for Applications for a professional workshop.
This workshop is opened to all directors with a film project and wishing to be accompanied through their steps in screenwriting development, during a Screenwriting for Documentary Short Films Workshop.

A true toolbox for the development of cinema in Mauritius, the Association Porteurs d’Images gave itself the mission to train young professionals of Mauritius to respond to the absence of film schools in the country. Each year, the Association Porteurs d’Images sets up a truly ephemeral film school before and during the Ile Courts Festival.

The Association Porteurs d’Images launches a Call for Applications for 1 Screenwriting for Documentary Short Films Workshop. Participation to this workshop is selective and based on the assessment of the submitted film projects by a committee of professionals from the sector.

The projects retained for the workshop then enter Phase 1 of the Film Fabrik program, a program which supports the writing and production of short films in Mauritius, set up by the Association Porteurs d’Images to promote and accompany the creation of quality films in Mauritius.

Film Fabrik is a program supporting the creation of short films in Mauritius. Established by the Association Porteurs d’Images, this program offers the artistic, technical, financial and logistical means to Mauritian auteurs/directors to make their films.

  • PHASE 1 : Writing Residence
  • PHASE 2 : Production
  • PHASE 3 : Diffusion and Distribution.

A selection process is held for each phase of the program.

Writing Block

Film Fabrik . Notre histoire n’a pas d’images

In 2018, the Association Porteurs d’Images proposes a screenwriting workshop for documentary short films hosted by French director Chantal Richard. The aim is to develop a true documentary vision capable of showing the real.

Speaker: Chantal Richard, director (France)
Location: to be confirmed

How to tell the real? How to develop one’s documentary film project? How to give it the chance to come to fruition under good conditions? So many questions that occupy a documentarian’s life. The Film Fabrik program is made for you!


Applications opened until Monday 20th of August 2018

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