Youth Workshops

Paying keen attention to the development of the film education of our youth (children, teenagers, students), Île Courts Festival 2015 offers youth workshops that hope to implant the love for cinema and nurture budding talents.

I am a Curator!

BertrandRouchitHow is a film program compiled? Why do we like a film? What film(s) to target to what audience(s)? How to captivate your public? The students of the Film Studies elective at the Lycée des Mascareignes will put their heads together to curate a program of short films that will be showcased at a special screening in 2016.


JohnTake 6 budding directors from the Indian Ocean region selected through the EcoClip contest, award them a workshop of collaborative directing under the patronage of Jon Rabaud, let them work relentlessly over five days, and you get a short Indian Oceanic film dealing artistically with the pressing topic of sustainable development.

Du Cinéma sur la ville !

cinemadanslavilleIn order to create a film collection about the towns and cities of the Indian Ocean, and after a project about Port-Louis in 2014 and its port in 2015, Ile Courts Festival this time asks their guests to cast their artistic gaze on the town of Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill. Free reign is given to form, the only constraint being that the final film must be soundless. Each director will be accompanied on his trip around town by the students of the Film Studies (elective) stream of the Lycée des Mascareignes.

Blog me if you can!

In a wonderful application of the skills of the students of the Journalism and Communications stream of the University of Mauritius, Blog me if you can! will follow the events of the 8th edition of Ile Courts Festival in real-time.

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