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Within the framework of the The Archipelago of Cinemas project and Film Fabrik program, Porteurs d’Images Association is launching a call for applications for all directors who are seeking assistance for their films and wish to participate in two (documentary, fiction) scriptwriting workshops hosted by Mauritian and international professionals.

Film Fabrik is a support program for the making of short Mauritian films. Set up by Porteurs d’Images Association, it provides Mauritian scriptwriters and directors with artistic, technical, financial and logistical resources.
The program comprises of three phases :

  • PHASE 1 : Writing residency
  • PHASE 2 : Shooting and production
  • PHASE 3 : Diffusion and distribution.

Each stage will have its own selection process.

Bloc Écriture

Film Fabrik . Chercher du Regard

Scriptwriting workshop for short fiction films
Facilitator: David Constantin, director (Mauritius)
Venue: Porteurs d’Images Association . Beau Bassin

This Short Film scriptwriting workshop is the flagship one of the Île Courts Festival. In 2016, it is adopting a new formula to turn it into a more long-term program. This will give the individual projects more time to grow and mature.
How to deepen your scenario? How to develop a unique artistic perspective? How to create the best set of conditions to make, produce and distribute your film? So many questions are at the centre of a director’s work.
This Film Fabrik program is just right for you!

Bloc Écriture

Film Fabrik . Notre histoire n’a pas d’images

Scriptwriting workshop for short documentaries
Facilitator: Chantal Richard, director (France)
Venue: Porteurs d’Images Association . Beau Bassin

How to depict reality? How to bring your documentary project to life? How to provide it with the best production conditions? A documentary filmmaker’s job revolves around so many questions! The Film Fabrik program is just right for you!


Pour ces deux ateliers,
La The selection of participants for these two workshops is open until Saturday 30th April 2016!

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