Lonbraz Dan Vilaz



A Mauritian film
Shot in your country
Telling our collective story

Return to the grounds of the shooting
Settings: The Mill and the Corner Shop

The Association Porteurs d’Images, Caméléon Production and Lithops Films present LONBRAZ DAN VILAZ, a series of screenings of and discussions around the feature film of David Constantin in villages. After doing the rounds in movie theatres in Mauritius and festivals abroad, it is in the open air that the film LONBRAZ KANN returns to the grounds where it has been filmed, to make a step towards the audiences who don’t have the best accessibility to the island’s movie halls for a screening/discussion right under the stars! At this beginning of winter, make sure to bring along your sweaters and blankets, and we’ll take care of the rest! 🙂


David Constantin
Mauritius / 2014 / Fiction / 88′
In the presence of the director and the rest of the film crew
Marco, Bisoon and their friends, all ex-employees of the sugar mill where they had worked until its recent closing, are powerless witnesses to the transformation of a world that was once theirs. Right in the middle of sugarcane fields, a complex of luxury villas is being erected, and soon a golf court will replace their village itself. Despite the violence of this economic development that excludes them from the fruits of its profits and humiliates them on a daily basis, slowly, the power of human resistance grows to be stronger than that of domination. United these men were at work, united they will be in facing this tough situation.

All audiences
No entry fee

Friday 19 June 2015 . 19h
Yard of the Sugar Mill of Saint Félix (Chemin Grenier)

Saturday 20 June 2015 . 19h
Football field of Crève-Coeur

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The Association Porteurs d’Images and Lonbraz Kann are both beneficiary of the programme ACPCultures+ (with the financial contribution of the European Union and the assistance of the ACP Group of States)

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Call for films


From the 7th to the 11th of October, 2014, the association Porteurs d’Images holds the 7th edition of Île Courts-International Short Film Festival of Mauritius. For a special programme Window on the Indian Ocean, a CALL FOR FILMS is launched in Mauritius. There is no competition, as the Festival is above all a place to meet and exchange with the public.


TO BE SENT BEFORE MONDAY 21ST OF JULY, 2014 To submit your film, please send us: – the application form, – a DVD copy of the film or a web link, – a photo of the film (300 dpi, JPEG).


The films submitted must respect the following requirements: Maximum length: 30 minutes Language: Any language if subtitled in French and/or English Genre: Fiction, documentary, animation, experimental Format: DVD or web link Films completed after: 2012 Production country, or country of origin of the director: Mauritius The advertising clips and company promotional films are not accepted.


– By post / to hand in your submission: Île Courts Festival – Call for films . Mauritius Porteurs d’Images 38 Dr Émile Duvivier Street . Beau Bassin . Mauritius – Or by email: [email protected]


The subscription of a film does not automatically imply its screening at the 7th edition of the Île Courts Festival. The participation of the film depends on the decision of the selection committee. The submission of a film implies the entire acceptance of the Regulations (available only in French) by the film maker, the producer or their representatives.


The selection is made by a jury made of Mauritian professionals. The jury decides the programme in which each selected film will be presented. The DVD copy of the film will not be sent back, it will be kept for the Festival’s archives. The Festival team can settle any case that is not mentioned in the Regulations. access_pi


Porteurs d’Images T: 465 38 26 E: [email protected] Facebook: Festival Île Courts

Calls for Applications

Each year, as a real toolbox for film making, the Festival hosts various workshops led by mentors from all around the world for Mauritian film professionals. For those workshops, a CALL FOR APPLICATIONS is launched in Mauritius.


How to develop your fiction or animated short film script project? How to give it all the chances to make it a reality? A film maker has to deal with many questions like these. If this is your case, the Film Fabrik programme is meant for you! Fiction>> CUTTING IN SHORT


Animation >> DRAW ME A SHORT



How to develop your own style and voice? How to trust the power of instincts? How to work with the actors? All these aspects can be learned in theory, but also with practice. If you want to explore them, this workshop is for you! Shooting>> DIRECTOR’S CUT



Listen carefully… This year, we take the sound! Sound>> SHORT OF SOUND





les rendez-vous d’île courts #4
screening Wednesday 5th December . 19h
IFM . Rose Hill T : 467 42 22

The Best of 58th Oberhausen Short Film Festival (Germany) ÎLE COURTS invites one of the historical short film Festival in the world, the INTERNATIONALE KURZFILMTAGE OBERHAUSEN (Germany) to present an exclusive short film programme presented and awarded in last April 2012. This is a unique occasion to feel the contemporary creation in short films. The INTERNATIONALE KURZFILMTAGE OBERHAUSEN has been part of this highly charged field for over 50 years now, as a catalyst and a showcase for contemporary developments, a forum for what are often heated discussions, a discoverer of new trends and talent, and not least as one of the most important short film institutions anywhere in the world. INTERNATIONALE KURZFILMTAGE OBERHAUSEN was the place of “Oberhausen Manifesto ” that gave birth to a Greman new wave in the 60s and 70s. The Manifesto celebrates this year its 50th anniversary. ÎLE COURTS joins the party! Good screening ! Programmer : Hilke Doering Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen   les rendez-vous d’île courts Since its creation in 2007, ÎLE COURTS–International Short Film Festival has been a window on a different cinema in Mauritius. Each year, the Festival brings short films from all over the world, debates for audiences and workshops for professionals. It has become a real gathering place for short film scene in the Indian ocean. But one week a year is definitely too short ! In order to respond the growing demand from the audience concerning short films, ÎLE COURTS Festival decided to continue the adventure 4 times a year, with special programmes for LES RENDEZ-VOUS D’ÎLE COURTS. This programme is a short film screening inviting aficionados to live the Festival, even out of the Festival.
Snow Tapes Michael Zupraner Israël/West Bank / 2011 / Documentary / 13’
Watching home movies with the Al-Haddad family, Hebron, West Bank: Snow, settlers, and souvenirs. Images of stones thrown and beatings blend in with humorous digressions, cinematographic critiques, and the obligatory tea ritual of Arab hospitality.
Ersatz Elodie Pong Switzerland / 2012 / Fiction / 4’
In an exchange about the meaning of the word ‘Ersatz‘, the two protagonists engage in an absurd and poetical discussion. Their pictorial dialogue about the idea of replaceability turns into a humorous and philosophical meditation.
Malody Phillip Barker Canada / 2012 / Fiction / 12’
Malody is terminally ill. She sits with her father in a restaurant inside a big wooden wheel. A little girl enters and turns the restaurant upside down. Malody dies and is taken to a river by her dad. She is brought back to life by the little girl.
Hirvikuiskaaja (The Elk Whisperer) Ilkka Rautio Finland / 2011 / Documentary / 19’
A short documentary about an encounter between elk whisperer and elk at the beginning of the hunting season.
No Estoy Muerto, Solo Estoy Dormido (I Am Not Dead, Only Asleep) Juan Sebastián López Maas Peru/Netherlands / 2011 / Documentary / 25’
According to a Peruvian wisdom the soul of a deceased person returns in the form of a donkey. The portrait of two Peruvian families who have a special bond with a donkey.
Café Regular. Cairo Ritesh Batra Egypt/India / 2011 / Fiction / 11’
A young couple finds itself speaking about things they have never spoken about before, as they try to find their own place in a changing world.

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