Sinema Koltar #2 Indian Ocean

The Screenings
With Sinema Koltar, Île Courts Festival unfolds its screen right under the stars. In lineup, a selection of short films from the entire Indian Ocean. It’s in front of the Plaza that this series continues, with a Soundtrack as musical opening act to this night of screenings!


Sébastien Margéot Project

Before watching the films, let’s unite musically around the Soundtracks, opening musical act of the screenings of Île Courts Festival. Together, the four musicians of the Sébastien Margéot Project put their musical talent to the service of a spirit of world-fusion that asserts itself as innovative in its mission to tie the present up with the traditions of the past. Together, they are a breath of life.

Sébastien Margéot > vocals, guitar, percussions
Vincent Nombro > keyboard, percussions, chorus
Jean-Jacques Valéry > bass, percussions, chorus
Christophe “E.T.” Joseph > percussions, chorus

Julian Ratinon
dans le cadre de EcoClip
Mauritius / 2015 / Animation / 3′
Without dialogue
From window to window, Ambre observes a changing world.
Samantha Nell
South Africa / 2014 / Fiction / 13′
Sotho, Zulu and English, subtitled in English
Tholang, well-known entrepreneur-cum-funerary-director in Soweto, South Africa, has a knack dealing with the dead but not the living. Things go sour when his niece arrives and ends up losing the body of an important politician.
Its Not a Joke
Jon Rabaud
Mauritius / 2013 / Fiction / 7′
Without dialogue
On the way back home after a hard day of work, a man starts musing about his past, present and future.
Filmmaker in attendance.
Coups de Hache Pour Une Pirogue
Gilde Razafitsihadinoina
Madagascar / 2014 / Documentary / 19′
Antemanambondro (Malagasy dialect), subtitled into French
In southeastern Madagascar, pirogues are still built using artisanal, some might say rudimentary, techniques. It’s a work that can’t be started without first making an incantation to the ancestors, one that’s always accompanied by “toaka gasy,” the local rum.
Filmmaker in attendance.
Autumn Leaves
Saman Hoseinpuor
Iran / 2015 / Fiction / 4′
Without dialogue.
On her way to school, a little girl gets distracted and ends up running late.
Doushan Sewtohul
Mauritius / 2015 / Fiction / 30′
Mauritian Creole, subtitled in French
Kaal and Roshan, best friends since childhood, have promised themselves to stick together for good and not let even death separate them. But destiny has a different plan.
Filmmaker in attendance.
Rathindran R. Prasad
Turkey, India / 2015 / Fiction / 30′
English and Tamil, subtitled in English
A young activist, who has set his mind on murdering the CEO of a chemicals company, crosses a mysterious old man on his path.
Filmmaker in attendance.
Rough Life
Sitraka Randriamahaly
Madagascar / 2015 / Animation / 5′
Without dialogue
If you haven’t been born with a silver spoon in your mouth and your future hasn’t been safely traced out in advance, then get up and start walking!
Filmmaker in attendance.

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