All in high relief!

The cherry on the cake this year is a screening of short films in 3D! The association Prenez du relief, which organises the Courant 3D Festival in Angouleme, militates for the development and diffusion of 3D short films. The goal here is not to make 3D just for the sake of making 3D, but to promote cinematic stories to which this technology brings a new dimension of meaning. Watch out, the future is already here!

Soir de Fête
Soir de Fête (Party Night)
David Robert
France / 2013 / Fiction / 18′
Nurse in a psychiatric hospital, Joachim, a young man in his twenties, is leaving his workplace to go join his family for the New Year’s Eve celebrations. His patients, determined to celebrate the turn of the year in all merriness themselves, are not so ready to let him go.
Chase (Poursuite)
Adriaan Lokman
France, Netherlands / 2011 / Animation / 13′
A thrilling chase in a world of triangles will leave you short of breath.
Lapse of Time
Lapse of Time
Céline Tricart
France / 2013 / Experimental fiction / 15′
Strasbourg, a winter afternoon. Une game of hide-and-seek is arranged, and a little boy finds himself a hiding spot in the cathedral’s imposing astronomical clock! While sidling in, he accidentally gets his jacket stuck in the gears and brings about the complete stop of the mechanism… and of Time itself!
Vertige (Vertigo)
Mathieu Brisbras, Christophe Gautry
France, Belgium / 2013 / Experimental fiction / 15′
In this urbanized world of ours, the system knocks down men with utter mechanical indifference. But seen from another angle, the city becomes a space for rediscovery and reconstruction…
5 mètres 80
5 mètres 80 (5m80)
Nicolas Deveaux
France / 2013 / Animation / 6′
A group of giraffes perform a series of acrobatic high dives into a deserted Olympic swimming pool.
Souviens-moi (Make me Remember)
Joséphine Derobe
France / 2013 / Fiction / 15′
Thomas, a thirtysomething man, returns to his childhood home for a strange tête-à-tête meeting…
Subconscious Password (Jeu de l'inconscient)
Subconscious Password
Chris Landreth
Canada / 2013 / Experimental animation / 11′
A forgotten first name triggers a disturbing foray into the subconscious in the form of a puzzle-quiz.
Mr Hublot
Mr Hublot
Alexandre Espirages, Laurent Witz
Luxembourg, France / 2013 / Animation / 11′
Full of obsessive quirks and compulsions, terrified by the outside world, withdrawn into himself, Mr. Hublot hates change and the unexpected. The arrival of the dog Robot Pet will turn his universe of old habits topsy-turvy as he is forced to learn to live with this new and very invasive companion…

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