Festival favorites . Closing night

In Mahebourg, an amphitheatre converts itself into an open-air picture house facing the sea. The programme consists of our great favourites of international short films, those that have tugged at our heartstrings; we cast a special eye on the African Metropolis Collection and the films that the Festival invitees have brought in their suitcases from New York and Toronto. Let yourself be carried away, for it’s the very last screening of the 7th edition of Île Courts Festival!

Un Arbre, une rencontre...
Un Arbre, une rencontre… (One tree, one encounter…)
Sébastien Sauvage
Mauritius / 2014 / Documentary / 9′
On the island of Mauritius, a few trees are trying to survive to their confrontration with Humans. Portrait of four of these beings full of life and resisting the erosion of the environment. Here, the fragile mangrove lives at the rhythm of the lagoon’s backwash. There, a stubborn filao faces the ocean. Further off, a generous banyan gives refuge to men, while an endemic palm tree suffers from the loneliness of being the last survivor of his species.

​Collection “Notre Histoire n’a pas d’images”
In the presence of the director

Shiva Bajpai
United States, India / 2013 / Fiction / 12′
In the middle of the 2008 credit crunch, Raju, an undocumented immigrant in New York, works for an agency that repurchases loans from individual debtors. He ends up having to face the decision of choosing between his work permit and the woman he loves.

The invitees’ favourite
In the presence of the director.

The Fox and the Chickadee (Le Renard et la mésange)
The Fox and the Chickadee
Evan deRushie
Canada / 2012 / Animation / 7′
A famished fox falls upon a chickadee ensnared in a farmer’s trap. Determined to find a way out of this dire situation, the chickadee proposes a deal to the fox. She will help him find food throughout the winter… so long as he does not gobble herself up as snack.

TAIS’s favourite
Home coming
Home coming
Jim Chuchu
Kenya / 2013 / Animation / 11′
Reverie, science fiction et obsessional love blend into each other as an wildly infatuated neighbour comes up with stranger and stranger situations to seduce the woman of his dreams.

African Metropolis
The Tourists (Les Touristes)
The Tourists
Malcolm Sutherland
Canada / 2007 / Animation / 3′
A brief look at the transitory nature of holidaymakers’ lives on the beach.

TAIS’s favourite
Vincent Moloi
South Africa / 2013 / Fiction / 13′
The Berea of Aaron Zuckerman has long since disappeared from existence. Nevertheless, a last link keeps the reclusive old man, living in his tower house, in touch with the present world: the weekly visit of a beautiful stranger.

African Metropolis
L'Autre femme
L’Autre femme (The Other Woman)
Marie Ka
Senegal / 2013 / Fiction / 13′
Forced to share a house with her co-wife, a housewife in her fifties has a moment of self-revelation.

African Metropolis
The Bee / L'Abeille
The Bee
Tojosoa Andrianarison « Cid »
Madagascar / 2014 / Animation / 5′
A bee finds itself stuck in a window and asks itself existential questions.

Indian Ocean favourite
In the presence of the director.
Meu amigo Nietzsche (Mon ami Nietzsche)
Meu amigo Nietzsche (My friend Nietzsche)
Fáuston da Silva
Brazil / 2013 / Fiction / 15′
The unlikely meeting between Lucas and Nietzsche marks the beginning of a revolution in the young boy’s mind, in the midst of his family and of his society. At the end, he’s no longer a little boy, he’s a li’l bomb!

The Festival’s favourite

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