Clermont puts on a show!

On the beach of Tamarin, a look at the best of international short films of the last few years with the selection of the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival. Bring your picnic blankets and a sweater for a night of cinema under the stars! For those who want to make the most of the beach, Canal+ invites you as from 19:00 for a surprise show!

L'Ombre de Ratsitatane
L’Ombre de Ratsitatane (The Shadow of Ratsitatane)
From the Notre Histoire n’a pas d’images collection
Patrice Canabady
Mauritius / 2014 / Documentary / 28′
Ratsitatane! This name echoes in the collective memory of Mauritians, echoes of a story that has never been fully told. From the highlands of Madagascar to the jail of Port Louis, tracking down this figure occulted by History brings us into direct confrontation with the mystery surrounding the events that led to this Malagasy prince to be transformed into a tragic hero.

In the presence of the director.
La Lampe au beurre de yak
La Lampe au beurre de yak (Yak Butter Lamp)
Hu Wei
France, China / 2013 / Fiction / 16′
A young itinerant photographer and his assistant ask some Tibetan nomads to have their pictures taken against various backdrops.
MeTube: August Sings Carmen 'Habanera' (MeTube : August chante la Habanera de Carmen)
MeTube: August Sings Carmen ‘Habanera’
Daniel Moshel
Austria / 2013 / Animation / 4′
A homage to these thousands of Youtube users and videobloggers overflowing with ambition, keen subscribers who are more or less skilled at self-promotion on the internet and have forged for themselves an audience at the international level.
Lettres de femmes
Lettres de femmes (Women’s Letters)
Augusto Zanovello
France / 2013 / Animation / 11′
On the front lines of the Great War, the nurse Simon repares the broken jaws of French infrantrymen on a daily basis with love letters, with women’s words which have the power to heal the wounds of these paper soldiers.
Mourad Boudaoud, Carine May, Yassine Qnia, Hakim Zouhani
France / 2013 / Comedy / 13′
Steve is in his twenties. That night, he has to replace his father as guard of the municipal pool. All goes as planned until the young man starts hearing some strange sounds.
Edouard Salier
France / 2013 / Fiction / 22′
In the near future, the city of Havana is occupied by a foreign military power. A guided tour by Lazaro, un kid from the ghetto, allows us to get a grasp on the chaos that reigns in the capital.
Meu amigo Nietzsche (Mon ami Nietzsche)
Meu amigo Nietzsche (My friend Nietzsche)
Fáuston da Silva
Brazil / 2013 / Fiction / 15′
The unlikely meeting between Lucas and Nietzsche marks the beginning of a revolution in the young boy’s mind, in the midst of his family and his society. At the end, he’s no longer a little boy, he’s a li’l bomb!
Pablo Munoz Gomez
Belgium / 2013 / Fiction / 17′
Jorge loves his father. His father loves a hen. Jorge doesn’t love the hen, he wants to have it put in a henhouse. Before building this henhouse, Jorge needs to get himself a construction permit. But it’s difficult to obtain something when your garden is in Flanders but you do not speak Flemish.

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