Island to island . Indian Ocean evening #2

Let us turn our gaze from one island to another of this archipelago of ours. This evening, you have the choice. Of an urban atmosphere at l’Atelier littéraire of Port Louis, for a feature-length Malagasy documentary, to meet its director and the Malagasy Way of Life. Or of an evening of short films and picnic blankets under the stars of Chemin Grenier in the garden of the village church, as near as possible to the filming location of La Leçon d’Anglais..

The Bee / L'Abeille
The Bee
Tojosoa Andrianarison « Cid »
Madagascar / 2014 / Animation / 5′
A bee finds itself stuck in a window and asks itself existential questions.

In the presence of the director.
Le petit bonhomme de riz
Le petit bonhomme de riz (The Little Rice Man)
Ludovic Randriamanantsoa
Madagascar / 2012 / Fiction / 25′
In the slums of Antananarivo, a man carrying half a sack of rice has his goods routinely stolen by a small boy.

In the presence of the director.
La Leçon d'Anglais
La Leçon d’Anglais (The English Tuition)
Sophie Robert
Mauritius / 2014 / Fiction / 16′
Lakshmi et Ravin, childless couple, dream of emigrating far from their native island. Faced with obstacles, they are close to abandoning this dream. But a peculiar encounter will remind to Lakshmi that she is not a woman to give up so easily.

In the presence of the director.
Yellow Fever / Fièvre Jaune
Yellow Fever
Ng’endo Mukii
Kenya, United Kingdom / 2012 / Documentary / 7′
How is it that African women often feel “uncomfortable in their own skin”? In an era of globalisation, beauty standards are being homogenised. In some countries, women try to live up to these by using skin-lightening creams.
Jon Rabaud
Mauritius / 2014 / Fiction / 1′
A man roams the streets one night in the hope that he will no longer have any more reason to wait.
Dany et Kevin
Dany et Kevin (Dany and Kevin)
Christine Ème
Mauritius / 2014 / Docufiction / 8′
Let’s dive in! A sea turtle makes us discover the unique relationship between the diver Kevin and a dangerous marine creature, the triggerfish Dany.

In the presence of the director.
Madame Esther
Madame Esther
Luck Razanajaona
Madagascar / 2013 / Fiction / 15′
Madame Esther, in her fifties, has just been fired from her job. She has promised her grandson to take him to the seaside, so the only solution left is to host illegal rooster fights in her yard.
Keeper / Gardien
Wassim Sookia
Mauritius / 2012 / Fiction / 26′
Kevin is nine years old and a goalkeeper. He is a fan of the famous keeper Dev Gopala and owns only worn-out oven mitts as gloves. His neighbour and coach gives him woollen gloves as gifts, and Kevin soons attains perfect mastery over their use. But he subsequently loses the new gloves in a most unfortunate manner.

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