Island to island . Indian Ocean evening #1​

Because today in the Indian Ocean, we are witnessing a new dawn for cinema. Because in the Indian Ocean, young filmmakers are today describing our realities, our identities and our imaginary worlds. Because in the Indian Oceans, multiple festivals share the same inkling that a unique cinematography is starting to see the day. Bring your picnic blankets and a sweater for an evening of cinema under the stars!

Carton Rouge
Carton Rouge (Red Card)
Jon Rabaud
Mauritius / 2014 / Fiction / 3′
A woman is making dinner in the kitchen and, without knowing it, disturbs her husband who is watching TV.

In the presence of the director.
Magid, le Magicien
Magid, le Magicien (Magid, the Magician)
Mohamed Saïd-Ouma
Comoros, France, Reunion Island / 2014 / Fiction / 23′
Amin et Magid, two brothers, are illegal immigrants on the French island of Mayotte in the Comoros archipelago. Sara, a young nurse, still lives with her parents, who have already traced out the contours of her destiny. Magid is ill, he needs to be given medical treatment, Amin takes the risk of playing the game of love and luck for the sake of his younger brother. Will Sara, smothered by maternal love, be their savior?

In the presence of the director.
The Bee / L'Abeille
The Bee
Tojosoa Andrianarison « Cid »
Madagascar / 2014 / Animation / 5′
A bee finds itself stuck in a window and asks itself existential questions.

In the presence of the director.
Étrangers chez eux
Étrangers chez eux (Strangers at Home)
Collection Notre Histoire n’a pas d’images
Bhimsen Conhyedoss
Mauritius / 2014 / Documentary / 9′
A look into the lives of Rodriguans who leave their island to settle in the Mauritian capital of Port Louis. In the neighbourhood dubbed “Bangladesh” because of its poverty, the newly-arrived survive under harsh living conditions, still hanging on tight to their dream of a better life.
Herizo Ramili Jaonina
Madagascar / 2014 / Animation / 4′
In the great dry southern part of Madagascar, in an environment of dust and baobab trees, lives Selamanana. One day, he comes across a very pretty girl and falls in love.
Inosan (Innocent)
Jameel Peerally
Mauritius / 2014 / Documentary / 15′
Let’s return to the “Amicale Case.” In May 1999, a working-class neighbourhood of Port Louis is set ablaze with ethnic tension. Four persons are condemned and imprisoned. Let us hear voices from the streets and those of the prisoners’ suffering families…

In the presence of the director.
Keeper / Gardien
Wassim Sookia
Mauritius / 2012 / Fiction / 26′
Kevin is nine years old and a goalkeeper. He is a fan of the famous keeper Dev Gopala and owns only worn-out oven mitts as gloves. His neighbour and coach gives him woollen gloves as gifts, and Kevin soons attains perfect mastery over their use. But he subsequently loses the new gloves in a most unfortunate manner.

In the presence of the director.
Pour être un bon jockey
Pour être un bon jockey (In Order to be a Good Jockey)
Radha-Rajen Jaganathen
Mauritius / 1996 / Documentary / 12′
This Mauritian child silently observing the comings and goings of jockeys and horse races has a secret. He dreams of a horse, of his horse. He also dreams of victories and parties.

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