île courts – the 2012 collection

opening evening Tuesday 25 September . 8.30 pm cinéma Star . Bagatelle
screening discussion cocktail
Limited seats, invitations can be collected at: IFM . Rose Hill T : 467 42 22

In the presence of Moussa Touré, Senegalese director and the patron of Île Courts Festival 2012.


Île Courts Île Courts pays homage to Radha-Rajen Jaganathen by offering the audience the opportunity to rediscover two of his films:

Screenwriter, producer and director, Radha-Rajen Jaganathen was born in Mauritius on 10 October 1951. After a particularly violent cyclone took away their small house, his family emigrates to Strasbourg in 1960. He obtains his baccalaureate as an independant candidate, and enters the INSAS-Institut National Supérieur des Arts et Spectacles, a Belgian film and theater school. After two years of theatrical studies, Radha-Rajen Jaganathen takes part in the examinations of IDHEC-Institut des Hautes Études Cinématographiques. He is admitted as the top of the class in this film school where he meets Makiko Suzuki, his partner. After having worked as an assistant director and assistant camera, he creates a production company, Quintet Films, which produces film language learning programs. In the series Image par image, with Jean Douchet et Makiko Suzuki, he analyses the great classics of the history of cinema (Fritz Lang, Jean Renoir, Orson Welles, Griffith, Eisenstein, Jacques Tati). They also produce a series for children, Ça c’est du cinéma, which is broadcast in nearly 20 countries. Twenty short films of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton are presented in this program in order to help the young audiences to become familiar with the film language.  
To Lucy (MAASAI CONNECTION) Radha-Rajen Jaganathen, Maki J. Algen France / 1993 / Fiction / 9’
One night a masai herdsman hears the distant call of a woman who lived 3 million years ago, begging him to fetch her and bring her back to the land of her birth. From the plains of Kenya to Paris, three herdsmen follow signs and symbols until they arrive at the museum where the bones of Lucy are kept…
First prize at the Festivals of Montreal, Amiens and Ouagadougou

To be a good jockey Radha-Rajen Jaganathen France / 1996 / Documentaire / 9’
A small Mauritian child who silently observes the comings and goings of the jockeys and the horse racings has a secret. He dreams of a horse, of his horse. He also dreams of celebration and victory…
This screening was made thanks to the support of François Margolin and Emmanuelle Stéphan.


The 2012 collection films are the result of the creation work initiated during the Écrire court scriptwriting workshop of the 2011 Île Courts Festival.The screening will be followed by an open discussion with the audience, in the presence of the film directors.
The Ring Mikhaël Botebol Mauritius / 2012 / Fiction / 10’
Jean works on the assembly line of a factory. Old and tired as his machine, after more than thirty years of hard work, he is downtrodden by Fred, the production manager, who takes advantage of his power to abuse Lise. But the young maid and the old worker do not intend to be messed around endlessly.
Chrysalis Martine Charrié Mauritius / 2012 / Fiction / 7’
Deborah is a young urban professional who is very proud of her career. An unexpected visit from her father at her workplace shakes up her routine and pushes her to stop worrying about appearances.
The Rose Charlotte Nina Mauritius / 2012 / Fiction / 10’
Karine always looses her job, while her husband Eric has a stable position. When she tells him about her last dismissal, he is very upset. Sheila, their neighbour, has a solution… Will Eric be able to see the change in Karine’s life?
My Dad is a Hero Joëlle Buckland Mauritius / 2012 / Fiction / 7’
That night at the Lavoisier’s, a very poor family, the dinner is meagre, and little Jhamel, still hungry, starts to daydream…
The Encounter John Rabaud Mauritius / 2012 / Fiction / 17’
Dim, a 17-years-old teenager, is withdrawn since his father’s death. One day, influenced by his friend Alex, and to hide from his strict mother, he decides to skip school. During this trip, Alex hopes that Dim will forget his concerns. But sometimes the road to hell is paved with good intentions…

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