Île Courts 2014

Île Courts Festival is a real little film factory! Tonight, the 2014 Collection will be screened, the four latest productions of the Festival, fiction films as well as documentaries.

Put into place by the association Porteurs d’Images, the Film Fabrik program has been, since 2008, offering Mauritian writers/directors the technical, financial and logistical means to produce their film, from the stage of writing to that of screening. To this day, 28 short films have this way been produced in 5 collections. Film Fabrik defines itself by its passionate drive to support the emergence of a unique cinema, one that is emblematic of our region yet capable of reaching horizons much beyond our own.

The screening will be followed by a free and open discussion with the public, in the presence of the directors.

Un Arbre, une rencontre
Un Arbre, une rencontre (Whispering Trees)
Sébastien Sauvage
Mauritius / 2014 / Documentary / 9′
On the island of Mauritius, a few trees are trying to survive to their confrontration with Humans. Portrait of four of these beings full of life and resisting the erosion of the environment. Here, the fragile mangrove lives at the rhythm of the lagoon’s backwash. There, a stubborn filao faces the ocean. Further off, a generous banyan gives refuge to men, while an endemic palm tree suffers from the loneliness of being the last survivor of his species.

​From the No Picture, No History collection
Premiere screening in the presence of the director

Étrangers chez eux
Étrangers chez eux (Dreams come Untrue)
Bhimsen Conhyedoss
Mauritius / 2014 / Documentary / 9′
A look into the lives of Rodriguans who leave their island to settle in the Mauritian capital of Port Louis. In the neighbourhood dubbed “Bangladesh” because of its poverty, the newly-arrived survive under harsh living conditions, still hanging on tight to their dream of a better life.

From the No Picture, No History collection
Premiere screening in the presence of the director

La Leçon d'Anglais
La Leçon d’Anglais (The English Lesson)
Sophie Robert
Mauritius / 2014 / Fiction / 16′
Lakshmi et Ravin, childless couple, dream of emigrating far from their native island. Faced with obstacles, they are close to abandoning this dream. But a peculiar encounter will remind to Lakshmi that she is not a woman to give up so easily.

Mauritian premiere screening in the presence of the director
International competition. Vues d’Afrique (African Perspectives) Festival. (Montreal, Canada). 2014
International competition. International Pan-African Film Festival of Cannes (France). 2014
International competition. Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival (Delhi, India). 2014
Regards d’Afrique (African Perspectives) programme. Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival (France). 2014
Indian Ocean programme. Short Film Festival of Madagascar. 2014

L'Ombre de Ratsitatane
L’Ombre de Ratsitatane (Ratsitatanina)
Patrice Canabady
Mauritius / 2014 / Documentary / 28′
Ratsitatane! This name echoes in the collective memory of Mauritians, echoes of a story that has never been fully told. From the highlands of Madagascar to the jail of Port Louis, tracking down this figure occulted by History brings us into direct confrontation with the mystery surrounding the events that led to this Malagasy prince to being transformed into a tragic hero.

From the No Picture, No History collection
Premiere screening in the presence of the director

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