Short Films For Those In Short Trousers

In this programme, we will take you on a quick tour of some of the best international films for children. As proof that filmmaking is not only for grown-ups, a short film made by Mauritian children will be shown at the beginning of the screening. Adults not scared of an antidote against ageing are also most welcome to be part of the audience!

Le Petit Chapeau Rouge à l'école
Le Petit Chaperon Rouge à l’école (The Little Red Riding Hood at School)
L’École du Nord puts on its show, CE1C Class
Mauritius / 2014 / Fiction / 4′
The Little Red Riding Hood doesn’t spend her time wandering in the woods. Today, she goes to school, and the whole class has decided to make her a delicious galette…
The Gallant Captain (Le Vaillant Capitaine
The Gallant Captain (Le Vaillant Capitaine)
Graeme Base, Katrina Mathers
Australia / 2011 / Animation / 6′
Thanks to a vibrant imagination, a boat and a bottle, a little boy and his cat are going to sail into uncharted waters.
Premier Automne
Premier Automne (First Autumn)
Carlos de Carvalho, Aude Danset de Carvalho
France / 2012 / Animation / 10′
Abel lives in winter, Apolline in summer. They have never met and they are not supposed to cross paths. When Abel crosses the boundary and meets Apolline, they are taken over by curiosity. But the situation soon becomes complicated.
Mille-Pattes et Crapaud
Mille-Pattes et Crapaud (Millipede and Frog)
Anna Khmelevskaya
France / 2013 / Animation / 10′
In a distant forest, a supple and graceful millipede elicits the admiration of all the insects. Only an old frog, haughty and jealous, hates him. One day, he decides to get rid of the millipede.
Snejinka (Flocon de neige)
Snejinka (Snowflake)
Natalia Chernysheva
Russia / 2012 / Animation / 6′
One day, a little African receives a letter. Inside, he finds a paper snowflake. And here is born his desire to see snow in the real.
5 mètres 80
5 mètres 80 (5m80)
Nicolas Deveaux
France / 2013 / Animation – fiction / 5′
A group of giraffes perform a series of acrobatic high dives into a deserted Olympic swimming pool.
Nyuszi Es Oz (Le Lapin et le cerf)
Nyuszi Es Oz (Rabbit and Deer)
Pèter Vácz
Hungary / 2013 / Animation / 16′
The friendship between the rabbit and the deer is put to the test due to a new obsession of deer’s: finding the secret to gaining access to the third dimension.
Wind (Le vent)
Robert Löbel
Germany / 2012 / Animation / 4′
In the face of the natural power of the wind, human beings seem helpness. Yet, they have learned to adapt to their harsh living conditions.
Forward, March !
Forward, March!
Guillaume Lenoel, Garrick Rawlingson, Pierrick Barbin, Rimelle Khayat, Loic Le Goff
France / 2013 / Animation / 4′
In London, a troop of soldiers marches to music. A hairy and jolly monster wants to invite himself to join the parade.

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