Keeping It Short!

In this programme, we will take you on quick a tour of some of the best international films for children. As proof that filmmaking is not only for grown-ups, a short film made by Mauritian children will be shown at the beginning of the screening.

Quelque chose de nouveau
Quelque chose de nouveau (Something New)
L’École du Nord puts on its show, Class CE2B
Mauritius / 2014 / Fiction / 7′
Christopher Columbus sets off to discover the Americas…
Dogonauts / Enemy Line (Astrochiens / Ligne de démarcation)
Dogonauts / Enemy Line
Justin Rasch, Shel Rasch
United States / 2013 / Animation / 16′
Two sworn enemies, a Dogonaut and a Space Flea find themselves nose-to-nose on a desert-like planet after a fierce battle. A truce is secured by a line drawn in the sand, but will that be enough to keep in check the hate that has been keeing these two great intergalactic enemies apart for generations?
Marcel Barelli
Switzerland, France / 2013 / Animation / 7′
My grandfather tells me a story which he has made up and asks me to translate it into film. Because of pollution, pesticides and other toxic substances, a bee decides to leave her hive to go look for a better place to live.
Nuestra Arma es Nuestra Lengua (Notre arme est notre langue)
Nuestra Arma es Nuestra Lengua (Our weapon is our language)
Cristián Cartier
Argentina / 2013 / Animation / 15′
The peace of a small village is shattered by the assault of an invader. All the inhabitants are killed, except for one woman who is kidnapped and taken into the jungle. Her husband, who wasn’t at home during the carnage, goes to her rescue.
Wind (Le vent)
Wind (Le vent)
Robert Löbel
Germany / 2012 / Animation / 4′
In the face of the natural power of the wind, human beings seem helpness. Yet, they have learned to adapt to their harsh living conditions.
Mourad Boudaoud, Carine May, Yassine Qnia, Hakim Zouhani
France / 2013 / Comedy / 13′
Steve is in his twenties. That night, he has to replace his father as guard of the municipal pool. All goes as planned until the young man starts hearing some strange sounds.
Cargo Cult
Cargo Cult
Bastien Dubois
France / 2013 / Animation / 12′
For Arthur C. Clarke, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” In Papua New Guinea, during the Pacific War, some Papuans are trying to win the favour of the deity Cargo by creating a new religious ritual.
5 mètres 80
5 mètres 80 (5m80)
Nicolas Deveaux
France / 2013 / Animation – fiction / 5′
A group of giraffes perform a series of acrobatic high dives into a deserted Olympic swimming pool.

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