Île Courts 2015

Courts Toujours !

The universe of short films is fascinating! A dive into the heart of diverse forms, viewpoints and genres with this programme which is inviting you on a voyage into the heart of short films primarily targeted at an audience between 10-14 years of age.

Julian Ratinon
In the framework of the Ecoclip project
Mauritius / 2015 / Animation / 3′

From window to window, Ambre observes the changing world.
Beach Flags
Sarah Saidan
France / 2014 / Animation / 14′
Vida is a young Iranian lifeguard. The favorite on her team, she is determined to secure place in an international competition in Australia. However, when the equally-talented Sareh joins the team, she faces an unexpected situation.
Tony T. Datis
France / 2014 / Fiction / 10′
At the heart of a small suburban park, a young boy is about to disclose his secret to a classmate.
Ursula Meier
France, Switzerland, Bosnia-Herzegovina / 2014 / Fiction / 11′
It’s training time at Zetra Stadium in Sarajevo. Mujo, 10 years old, misses his penalty kick. The ball flies over the goalpost and disappears amongst the tombstones of the graveyard that had replaced the sports grounds during wartime. Trying to get back his ball, Mujo wanders into the kingdom of the dead…
A Single Life
Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins, Marieke Blaauw
Netherlands / 2014 / Animation / 2′
Listening to a mysterious vinyl disc, Pia is suddenly able to travel through her entire life.
Répétition Rehearsal
Elie Grappe
Switzerland / 2014 / Documentary / 11′
A voice teacher, a high school class at the Conservatory of Lyon. Their face-off: a rehearsal, their second-to-last one before the end-of-year show.
Indah Citra
Sarah Feruglio, Anthony Oliveira, Pierre-Antoine Naline, Maxime Orhnial
France / 2014 / Animation / 6′
The story of a young Indonesian girl who, to escape her social circumstances, starts weaving a web of dreams.
Tarim le Brave contre les mille et un effets Tarim the Brave Against the Thousand and One Special Effects
Guillaume Rieu
France / 2014 / Fiction / 19′
Tarim is the captain of a ship that has set sail in search of wealth and glory. On a brand-new adventure, he frees a princess who was locked up in the dungeon of an evil wizard and slowly comes to the realization that he is the main character in a film. He decides to fight against this destiny.

Culottes Court(e)s

The cinema is not only for grown-ups! Open wide your little eyes and ears as you embark on a discovery of the best of recent international short films for children. For those adults who aren’t afraid of reawakening their childhood dreams, these screenings will be a real fountain of youth.

Ziswar Yev, Lelefan Ek Labalenn
Céleste, Roméo, Briséis, Calypso, Oscar, Samuel, Aliyah and Amélie de Lakazanimé
Mauritius / Mauritian Creole / 2015 / Animation / 3′

Creole tale. Which among the hare, the whale and the elephant is the strongest?
Le Vélo de L’éléphant
Olesya Shchukina
France, Belgium / 2014 / Animation / 9′
An elephant lives in a town alongside normal people and works as street sweeper. One day, he sees a giant billboard advertising for a bicycle that seems perfect for his size. From this minute onwards, his life is turned topsy-turvy … because he feels that he needs to get this bike at all costs!
Marie-Sophie Chambon
France / 2014 / Fiction / 11′
Loïs, seven years old, much like all little girls her age, dreams of being a princess. One day, her father takes her to a costume store where she catches sight of a Cinderella dress. But, while trying it on, she sees her potbelly and realizes that she is far from being like other girls.
Erick Oh
Corée du Sud / 2014 / Animation / 7′
Even as all his friends are dying of hunger, Gunther keeps asking himself what his real identity is.
The Fish And I
Babak Habibifar
Iran / 2014 / Fiction / 6′
A blind man tries to save a goldfish’s life.
MALÝ Cousteau Little Cousteau
Jakub Kouřil
Czech Republic / 2013 / Animation / 8′
In a snow-covered town, a little boy dreams of underwater adventures. A tribute to Captain Cousteau.
Illustration: Compostage Demonstration: Composting
Élise Auffray
France / 2014 / Animation / 3′
Making one’s own compost is getting life to grow out of the soil. This is the story of passing time, time which transforms a dying world that gives birth to another one- a new world, rooted in the present and potentiality, fertile.
La MoufleThe Mitten
Clémentine Robac
France, Belgium / 2014 / Animation / 8′
It’s snowing. Lily and her grandfather are building a small nest box for the birds. She suddenly wonders where the other animals take refuge during winter. So, she leaves a mitten the foot of the tree in which the birdhouse has been fixed.
Jean-Michel, le caribou des bois Jean-Michel, the Woodland Caribou
Mathieu Auvray
France / 2014 / Animation / 10′
Jean-Michel, a woodland caribou, is keeping watch as superhero over Vlalbonvent and its residents. One day, he makes the acquaintance of Gisèle, the pretty camel nurse, and it’s love at first sight for him! But how can he overcome his shyness and confess his love to Gisèle when, each time he stands in front of her, he loses his wits completely.
Julia Ocker
Germany / 2013 / Animation / 3′
One day, a zebra bumped into a tree.

Call for Films . Indian Ocean

The Call for Films from the Indian Ocean of the Île Courts Festival is open from the 18 May to the 30 June 2015 !


Submit a film

Since its creation in 2007, Île Courts–International Short Film Festival of Mauritius acts as a tool-kit for the development of cinema in Mauritius. Non-competitive, Île Courts Festival is meant to be a showcase for a different cinema in Mauritius, taking us to a surprising journey into world cinema, with a focus given on short films from the Indian Ocean area, at a crossroad between Africa and Asia. With the Film Bazar Forum which will be held just before the Festival, Île Courts is also a place to meet and exchange for film professionals of the Indian Ocean.

As part of The Archipelago of Cinemas project, the 8th edition of Île Courts-International Short Film Festival of Mauritius will take place from 6 to 10 October 2015, in various cities and villages throughout the island.

Submission Deadline

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Eligibility Requirements

  • Films completed after: January 1st, 2014
  • Maximum duration: 30 min
  • Country of production: Comoros, India, Mauritius, Madagascar, Mayotte, Mozambique, Reunion Island, Seychelles, South Africa, Tanzania
  • Screening format: MOV or .MP4 (codec H264)
  • Accepted genres: Fiction, Documentary, Animation
  • Language & Subtitles: All languages, if subtitled in French and/or in English
  • Registration fee: no fee
  • The sending stamp is at the expense of the person who submits the film
  • Preview format: Uploaded file

Read the Regulations

How to submit a film ?

Film submission can be made only through the international online submission platform Short Film Depot.


Should you encounter any difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact our team:

E. [email protected]

T. +230 465 38 26


Île Courts 2015

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The 8th edition of the Île Courts Festival will take place from 6 to 10 October 2015 !
A beautiful programme is being prepared…

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