Culottes Court(e)s

The cinema is not only for grown-ups! Open wide your little eyes and ears as you embark on a discovery of the best of recent international short films for children. For those adults who aren’t afraid of reawakening their childhood dreams, these screenings will be a real fountain of youth.

Ziswar Yev, Lelefan Ek Labalenn
Céleste, Roméo, Briséis, Calypso, Oscar, Samuel, Aliyah and Amélie de Lakazanimé
Mauritius / Mauritian Creole / 2015 / Animation / 3′

Creole tale. Which among the hare, the whale and the elephant is the strongest?
Le Vélo de L’éléphant
Olesya Shchukina
France, Belgium / 2014 / Animation / 9′
An elephant lives in a town alongside normal people and works as street sweeper. One day, he sees a giant billboard advertising for a bicycle that seems perfect for his size. From this minute onwards, his life is turned topsy-turvy … because he feels that he needs to get this bike at all costs!
Marie-Sophie Chambon
France / 2014 / Fiction / 11′
Loïs, seven years old, much like all little girls her age, dreams of being a princess. One day, her father takes her to a costume store where she catches sight of a Cinderella dress. But, while trying it on, she sees her potbelly and realizes that she is far from being like other girls.
Erick Oh
Corée du Sud / 2014 / Animation / 7′
Even as all his friends are dying of hunger, Gunther keeps asking himself what his real identity is.
The Fish And I
Babak Habibifar
Iran / 2014 / Fiction / 6′
A blind man tries to save a goldfish’s life.
MALÝ Cousteau Little Cousteau
Jakub Kouřil
Czech Republic / 2013 / Animation / 8′
In a snow-covered town, a little boy dreams of underwater adventures. A tribute to Captain Cousteau.
Illustration: Compostage Demonstration: Composting
Élise Auffray
France / 2014 / Animation / 3′
Making one’s own compost is getting life to grow out of the soil. This is the story of passing time, time which transforms a dying world that gives birth to another one- a new world, rooted in the present and potentiality, fertile.
La MoufleThe Mitten
Clémentine Robac
France, Belgium / 2014 / Animation / 8′
It’s snowing. Lily and her grandfather are building a small nest box for the birds. She suddenly wonders where the other animals take refuge during winter. So, she leaves a mitten the foot of the tree in which the birdhouse has been fixed.
Jean-Michel, le caribou des bois Jean-Michel, the Woodland Caribou
Mathieu Auvray
France / 2014 / Animation / 10′
Jean-Michel, a woodland caribou, is keeping watch as superhero over Vlalbonvent and its residents. One day, he makes the acquaintance of Gisèle, the pretty camel nurse, and it’s love at first sight for him! But how can he overcome his shyness and confess his love to Gisèle when, each time he stands in front of her, he loses his wits completely.
Julia Ocker
Germany / 2013 / Animation / 3′
One day, a zebra bumped into a tree.

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