Sinema Koltar #3 Clermont Fait Son Show!

Concert & Screening
With Sinema Koltar, Festival Île Courts unfolds its screen right under the stars. In lineup, a selection of the best of international short films of this year. It’s on Tamarin beach that we unite for Sinema Koltar, with a Soundtrack as opening musical act before the screening!


Soundtrack #2
Bwa Maron

Before watching the films, let’s unite musically around the Sountracks, opening musical act to the screenings of Île Courts Festival. To the rhythm of African percussions, Bwa Maron wants its music to be, before anything else, one of sharing the incredible energy released by an army of drums.

Johann Leste > percussions
Michaël Laboucherie > percussions
Stephan Durhone > percussions
Kevin Bru > percussions
Tommy Cousinette > percussions

Rod Zegwi dan Pikan
Azim Moollan
Mauritius / 2015 / Experimental / 5′
Mauritian Creole, subtitled in English
A moment suspended, in mid-air, in Melissa’s memories of tightrope-walking…
Filmmaker in attendance
Jean Michel le Caribou des bois(Jean-Michel, The Woodland Caribou)
Mathieu Auvray
France / 2014 / Animation / 10′
Jean-Michel, a woodland caribou, is keeping watch as superhero over Vlalbonvent and its residents. One day, he makes the acquaintance of Gisèle, the pretty camel nurse, and it’s love at first sight for him! But how can he overcome his shyness and confess his love to Gisèle when, each time he stands in front of her, he loses his wits completely.
Guy Moquet
Demis Herenger
France / 2014 / Fiction / 29′
Guy Moquet, or Guimo, or Guim’s, has promised to kiss Ticky at dusk, in the middle of town, in front of everyone. Maybe it’s not so insane a promise? Maybe it’s not that simple either.
Beach Flags
Sarah Saidan
France / 2014 / Animation / 14′
Vida is a young Iranian lifeguard. The favorite on her team, she is determined to secure a place in an international contest in Australia. However, when the equally-talent Sareh joins the team, she faces an unexpected situation.
Ursula Meier
France, Switzerland, Bosnia-Herzegovina / 2014 / Fiction / 11′
It’s training time at Zetra Stadium in Sarajevo. Mujo, 10 years old, misses his penalty kick. The ball flies over the goalpost and disappears amongst the tombstones of the graveyard that had replaced the sports grounds during wartime. Trying to get his back, Mujo wanders into the kingdom of the dead.
Blood Brothers
Marco Espirito Santo, Miguel Coimbra
Portugal / 2014 / Documentary, experimental / 6′
One night in the lives of the Forcados Amadores of Montemor, a Portuguese corrida team. Back in the arena for the first time since their boss’s death, they have to make his legendary courage come alive again despite his absence.
Somewhere Down The Line
Julien Regnard
Irlande / 2014 / Animation / 10′
A man, his life, his loves and losses, showcased through his different conversations with car passengers.
De Smet
Wim Geudens, Thomas Baerten
Netherlands, Belgium / 2014 / Fiction / 15′

The brothers De Smet have come up with a way to live peacefully as jaded celibates. But when a new neighbour, a woman, comes live down the street, their “plan” comes crumbling down like a castle of cards.
Lotfi Achour
Tunisia, France / 2014 / Fiction / 18′

One night, Hédi, a taxi driver in Tunis, takes a pregnant young woman who is close to giving birth as passenger. This fleeting encounter, through an ill-timed series of tragi-comical coincidences, will change his life forever.
A Single Life
Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins, Marieke Blaauw
Netherlands / 2014 / Animation / 2′
Without dialogue
Listening to a mysterious vinyl disc, Pia is suddenly able to travel through her entire life.

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