Sinema Koltar #1 Indian Ocean

With Sinema Koltar, Île Courts Festival unfolds its screen right under the stars. In lineup, a selection of short films from the entire Indian Ocean. It’s at the heart of Chemin Grenier that takes place the first night of sinema koltar for which Canal+ and Made in Moris give you a warm welcome!

Damien Dittberner
Mauritius / 2015 / Fiction / 15′
Mauritian Creole, subtitled in English

Gaëtan has lost the toy solider with which he had been playing. While he’s figuring out how to replace it, it doesn’t take him long to realize that the adults around will be of no help. So, Gaëtan decides to play their own game by their own rules…
Filmmaker in attendance.
Sandeep Mane
India / 2015 / Fiction / 30′
Marathi, subtitled in English
Paandhrya is the whipping boy of his school because of the white scars on his lips that have branded him with the degrading nickname of an animal. Deeply touched by the sight of a loving mother and enlightened by a film screened at school, he starts waiting for love from his own mother.
Filmmaker in attendance.
Rakont Mwa, Rakont Nou, Marclaine Antoine
Diana Heise, Yannick Durhône
Mauritius / 2013 / Documentary / 12′
Mauritian Creole, subtitled in English
The (hi)story of Mauritian instruments as told by Marclaine Antoine. By highlighting the value of these objects and explaining their importance, this film aims to foster the spirit to preserve Mauritius’s cultural heritage.
Filmmaker in attendance.
Madagascar / 2015 / Fiction / 16′
French, subtitled in English

It is said that zebus are animals of communication between the living world and the dead world of ancestors. In the face of his destiny, Fasa has chosen poetry as a defensive weapon. A film as compensation!
Filmmaker in attendance.
Thursday Photographer
Sardar Arshad Khan
India / 2014 / Documentary / 11′
Hindi, subtitled in English
Yashodhan Bhatia has a small shop in the town of Jamnagar in India. Everyday Thursday, he closes it to dedicate some time to his passion: photography.
Saman Hosseinpuor
Iran / 2014 / Fiction / 1′
Without dialogue
A young boy is watching a football match. He is so excited that he forgets to go to the barber. Oops!
Rough Life
Sitraka Randriamahaly
Madagascar / 2015 / Animation / 5′
Without dialogue
If you haven’t been born with a silver spoon in your mouth and your future hasn’t been safely traced out in advance, then get up and start walking!
Filmmaker in attendance.
Le Bonheur Est Ailleurs
Saïd-Ali Saïd Mohamed
Comoros, France / 2013 / Documentary / 7′
French, subtitled in English
Despite the thirty odd years that he has spent in France, where his social integration has been successful, Abdéremane, originally from the Comoros, dreams of one day returning to his homeland.
Phone Connection
Sophie Robert
Mauritius / 2015 / Fiction / 4′
Mauritian Kreol, subtitiles in English
​Today, Neha and Hanuman both celebrate their birthdays. But they cannot get along because of some communication problems.
Filmmaker in attendance.

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