La Tête Ailleurs #3 Focus South-East Asia

La Tête Ailleurs, it’s the opportunity to take a small trip down the cinematographic universe of one region of the world. What about paying a visit to the cinemas of South-East Asia? For a plunge at the heart of the impressive cultural diversity of this crossroad of cultures? It’s the platform VIDDSEE that’s opening the doors of Asia to us!

Rod Zegwi Dan Pikan
Looking for a Needle among Thorns

Azim Moollan
Mauritius / 2015 / Experimental / 5′
Mauritian Creole, subtitled in English.
A moment suspended, in mid-air, in Melissa’s memories of tightrope-walking…
Thilagan Narayanasamy
Singapore / 2013 / Fiction / 19′
English and Malaysian, subtitled in English

After the death of her father, a religious woman’s life is turned upside down when her long-lost sister returns home after five years, pregnant. Now, both sisters must reconcile their different views on life, family and religion if they are to live together.
Sesarina Puspita
Indonesia / 2012 / Fiction / 8′
Indonesian, subtitled in English.

With her barbie doll, a little girl named Gladys imitates her mother as someone who likes inviting friends over for drinks and gossip sessions.
Para Kay Ama For Grandmother
Relyn A. Tan
Philippines / 2012 / Fiction / 21′
Tagalog, English and Mandarin, subtitled in English.

Hannah is a 28-year-old Chinese-Filipina who is dealing with the recent death of her businessman father in a car accident. During the wake, a surprising revelation unfolds as Hannah meets her half-brother for the very first time. She faces the challenge of dealing with acceptance and forgiveness on the last day of the wake, experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions before finally laying her father to rest.
Ismail Kamarul
Malaysia / 2015 / Fiction / 20′
Malaysian and Mandarin, subtitled in English

Melur and Xiao Li are two girls from different ethnic villages. They meet one another in the most unfortunate of circumstances and need to reach mutual understanding to get out of a hole that they fell down. This film is a metaphorical message of the need for cross-racial and cross-cultural understanding in a multicultural Malaysia.

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