île courts . un ailleurs : la Tunisie

all audiences Saturday 29 September . 6 pm l’Atelier littéraire . Port Louis free admission T : 208 29 15

This year, Île Courts invites a Tunisian festival, Les Rencontres Cinématographiques de Hergla. The selected films offer a journey in the lands of Maghreb, through several generations of Tunisian film makers.
Errance Nouri Bouzid Tunisia / Fiction / 2009 / 13’
A representation of black Africa in the mind of Tunisian people. This film is part of “L’Afrique vue par…”, a collective film composed by ten short films written by African directors and produced and presented at the 2nd Pan-African Festival in Algiers (Panaf’ 2009, Algeria)
L’Ambouba Nadia Raiss Tunisia / Animation / 2010 / 10’
Ambouba must not forget her appointment with Meherzia and Beya before 5 pm in Tunis. But time flies…
Tabou Meriem Riveill Tunisia / Fiction / 2011 / 15’
During a long, lonely night in Ramadan, Leila, a young eighteen year old girl, confronts her demons and her body pushes her to recall what happened to her…
Le Cuirassée de Abdelkarim Walid Mattar Tunisia / Fiction / 2004 / 10’
Young Tunisians are waiting to get their visa.
La Poule de Sabaa Meriem Riveill Tunisia / Animation / 2011 / 10’
Before she sleeps, Sabaa asks her mother to tell her a story. Between her mother’s version and Sabaa’s imaginary world, an unexpected story emerges…
Vers le Nord Youssef Chebbi Tunisia / Fiction / 2010 / 16’
It’s a dark night. Lost on a beach in the middle of nowhere, Mehdi and Nito, two smugglers of illegal migrants, are preparing to conclude a deal with the Albanian Mafia.

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