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young audiences: 10>12 years old IFM . Rose Hill T : 467 42 22
bookings for schools Tuesday 25 September . 10.30 am Wednesday 26 September . 10.30 am Thursday 27 September . 10.30 am Friday 28 September . 10.30 am free admission Saturday 29 September . 11.30 am
program Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, in the presence of Jacques Curtil

Scared (Apeurée) Patricia Sourdès France / 2010 / Animation / 4′
A little girl is in such constant fear that she moves by walking backwards. Before each new fear, she retreats a little bit more, until she is cornered, terrified, in tears. Her handicap prevents her from going towards the other. But she now wants to try.
Bisclavret Émilie Mercier France, Canada, Quebec / 2011 / Animation / 14′
A lady remarks the repeated absences of her husband, a lord. She asks him about it and learns that he has the habit of undressing to become Bisclavret.
Kin L’Atelier Collectif Belgium / 2011 / Animation / 11′
A social portrait of Kinshasa, made with African-style toys.
The Stubborn Mule and the Remote Control (A Mula Teimosa E O Controle Remoto) Helio Villela Brazil / 2010 / Fiction / 15′
The story of a friendship and a silent duel.

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